11 interview tips for accounting graduates

Know as many details as possible ahead of time.
What’s the name of the person you’re meeting with? Will you be interviewed by a single person or a panel? Knowing the basic set-up will have you going in confidently.

Plan awesome answers beforehand.
Don’t just rattle off your CV. Talk about hobbies you have in addition to “real” experience that relates to the position. And throw in something random or funny! You’ll be more memorable.

Get in front of a mirror.
Respond to questions you think you might be asked in front of a mirror and watch your facial expressions. Smile, nod, and maintain eye contact.

Make sure you’re proud of the image you’re putting out on social media.
There are lots of tools online to check your social media footprint. Run a tool and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online.

Manage information about multiple companies.
Google Alerts is a tool that emails you anytime a new story appears for a specific term. Add all the companies you’re interviewing with to stay in the know.

Not to early, not too late

Aim to arrive at reception around two or three minutes before your interview is scheduled. Its great to be keen but arriving too early could be inconvenient to the interviewer,

Make a strong 20-second impression.
Don’t stand in silence next to potential co-workers. Introduce yourself and say something they’ll remember. Bonus points if you remember their name and follow up with a casual “nice to meet you” email.

Don’t have any interruptions.
Seems like a no brainer, but be absolutely positive you’re phone isn’t going to make a peep during your interview. Don’t even put it on vibrate. Silence it, or turn it off completely.

Dress with confidence.
It’s best to be familiar with the company culture and mimic that for your interview outfit. If you find out they all wear suits…buy one and make sure you wear it with poise.

Be friendly to everyone you meet.
That includes the parking attendant, the receptionist, and the people in the cubicles you pass. Everyone will notice and appreciate it if you’re friendly.

Do your homework!
Do research on the position itself, the company, and the interviewer so you’re ready for any question thrown your way. Then add the facts you’ve acquired into your responses. They’ll be impressed with your knowledge.